Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church! We’re a family of Christian disciples committed to making Christ known while we love and serve God and our neighbors. I invite you to join us as we Worship, Serve, and Celebrate. We have a lot of fun doing God’s work both near and far – even if it means getting our hands dirty!

                I have been serving as Trinity’s pastor since July 2013. This is my “first call” as a pastor. Prior to attending seminary, God blessed me with some incredible experiences. I went to college at Georgetown University. I served as an Army officer, working and traveling in the U.S. and overseas. After my military service, I worked both for the federal government and in the private sector.

During most of my adult years, I was an agnostic, a person who thought that God’s existence couldn’t be proved or disproved. But God was patient, and at the right time, the Holy Spirit came into my life in a powerful way. Since then, I have gone from attending church occasionally, to being a church member, to becoming an actual disciple of Jesus Christ.

That journey of discipleship continues today, for me and for everyone here at Trinity. As Martin Luther said centuries ago, we are all both sinners and saints. We try to offer our gifts – our time, talent, and treasure – in ways that help others and serve God’s purpose. Sometimes we get it right, at other times we don’t. But we always stand firm in the knowledge that we are beloved children of God, saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

I hope you’ll come and check us out. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. And when you do come by, whether it’s for worship, for serving others, or for some fun fellowship, please say hello and let me know how you heard about us.


                                                                                Pastor George Scott























Rev. Marty Young (Interim Pastor)

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